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UPDATED April 26,2016
MORE NEW HORSES Have been added
and more to come this week!!

Sprout- Black & white saddle pony
Clover- Palomino TWH Gelding
Gunny- Black & white gelding
"Mouse" is 2 yr old Registered TWHBEA, 15 Hands, Grey Gelding
Super nice young horse that we have started here, he has been on trail rides
and is doing great!! He stands to mount and will go anywhere you ask of
him! Super smooth four beat gait, he has lots of sense and his whole life
ahead of him!
"Spider" is 6 yrs old,Registered KMSHA, Chocolate 14.3, Gelding
Super neat guy we have had him on several trail rides, will ride
front,back,middle, very smooth. We have been driving him to a cart also,
Will go anywhere!
"Snickers" is 15 hands, Sorrel, 10 yrs old, Gelding
He is like a telly tubby.. Just a big sweet guy that loves people and very
smooth and broke for anyone! He has four white socks and flax mane and tail
cute as a button!! And broke!!
"SIR WINSTON" is 15.1, Registered TWHBEA, Black &White Gelding
"SW" is super sweet we have had him on alot big trail rides, he crosses
water, will ride front, middle,back. Very smooth and easy to get along with!
And has the looks to go with him!!
Good Luck TO Gwen from Georgia!!
"Bandit" is 10 yrs old, 15.1, Sorrel & white, Gelding
He is a nice stocky gut thats been there and done it!! Smooth as silk! He's
been trail ridden all over TN, by people of all ages, will go anywhere you
ask!Ready to hit the trails!
"Tonto" is 9 yr, 14.3, Black & white Gelding
Cute, cuddly, kind, handsome, thats him, he has been on trails rides
everywhere, stout guy can carry anyone , rides bareback, super smooth.
Ready to hit the trails!!
"Ray ban' is 12 yrs old, Registered NSSHA, Tri Colored Gelding
He is a really nice trail horse thats alot of fun to ride, he neck reins and is
smooth as silk. He stands to mount and goes anywhere.
"ROY" is 8 yrs old, 15 hands, Rocky Mt, Chocolate, Gelding
Roy is a super sweet guy, he is smooth as silk and has been trail ridden
everywhere, he will also drive to a cart, very easy to get along with and has
the looks to go with him and stout enough to carry anyone!
Good Luck To Liz from New York!!
"Moon" is 3 yr old, 15.1, Blue Roan Gelding
Moon is a super nice guy that has his whole life ahead of him, he has been
trail ridden in KY & TN, super gentle nice smooth four beat gait, stands to
mount, easy to catch, haul, clip, etc. great on the trails, super sweet! Ready to
hit the trails!!

Good Luck To Rik From Montana!!
Roger, From TN on his Purchase of "HAWK'
this makes his 3-4 B&R Horse