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UPDATED July 30,2015
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Buckshot-sorrel & white gelding
Beaner-Bay & white gelding
Cheetah-Bay & white gelding
Star-Black Gelding
"Phoebe" is 7 yrs old Registered Nssha, Buckskin  Mare, 15.1
Big stout mare that will carry anyone, neck reins, stands to mount, she is
gentle enough for anyone to ride, and has the looks to go with her!!
"MO" is 7 yrs old, 15.2, Registered TWHBEA, Blue Roan gelding
He is a big stout stylish guy that has been there and done it!!  You couldn't ask
for a better trail horse, he has been trail ridden all over The southeast, He will
ride in the rivers hills wherever!! Hes a big handsome guy!! That just about
anyone can ride. You will be noticed on the trail ride on him!! He is a true blue
roan, and big stout guy!!
"Pistol" is 9 yrs old Registered Racking, 15.2 1/2 hands. Buckskin gelding.
He is a big handsome guy that has the looks to that everyone wants and the
ride to go with him!! He stands for you to mount & dismount. Super nice,
horse that neck reins , and has a super sweet personality!! And awesome on
the trails!!
"TITO" is 5 yrs old 14.1,Chocolate, Rocky Mt Gelding
Tito is the sweetest little guy you ever want to be around, and rides like a
Cadillac!! He loves attention, neck reins, super smooth gait,will go anywhere
you ask of him and has all the looks in the world!! Just the right size. He is
ready to hit the trails!! Broke for anyone to ride!!
"OSCAR" is 8 yrs old registered NSSHA ,15, Black & white Gelding
If you are looking for the next to BOMBPROOF horse he is the one!! He is
absolutely broke for anyone who can sit on him and hold the reins!, Super
smooth gait and won't do no more that the rider asks of him!! He is stout
enough to carry anyone!! BROKE BROKE BROKE!!

Good Luck To The Pate Family From Alabama!!
This is their 6th B&R HORSE!!
"TITAN" is 10 years old Registered NSSHA, 15.3 Hands, Black & white Gelding
He is the big gentle giant that anyone can ride! stands to mount and has a
awesome way of moving and will go anywhere that you ask him to go. Any
level of rider can rider Titan, super sweet, smooth as silk!!
"DIABLO"is 14.3, Registered TWHBEA,14.3, Black & white Gelding
He has been trail ridden all over TN at Woodbury, Short MT, Coffeys
everywhere!! Super nice guy that just about anyone can ride!! He has the
looks and personality to go with him, he will go anywhere you point his head!!
Good Luck To Debbie From North Carolina!!!
"SCOOTER: is 15.2, Black & white, Registred NSSHA, Gelding
Big stout guy that has been trail ridden all over KY & TN, stands to mount will
go wherever you ask him to go!! Easy to catch big ole pet!! Very smooth neck
reins!!Ready to hit the trails. Broke!
"BLUE" is 8 yrs old Registered NSSHA, 15.2, Black & white Gelding
Blue has been my daughters horse since he was 3 yrs old, he has been trail
ridden all over The east coast and TN,He has a beautiful long mane & tail and
two beautiful blue eyes! He is a big Lover boy!! Super sweet boy big pet loves
people!! Shes in school and working and doesn't have time for all her horses.
He has to go to special home we love BLUE he is super smooth!!
"WINE" is 9yrs old, Registered TWHBEA, Black gelding 16 hands
Wine is a big tall guy thats been trail ridden in Ky and has been there done it,
goes anywhere you want. Super smooth gait! Has four perfect white
stockings, broke for anyone!
"Rerun" is 12 yrs old registered TWHBEA. 14.2 Black & white gelding
Rerun has been trail ridden all over KY by people of all ages, super sweet boy,
neck reins, stands to mount, very flashy and smooth gaited, will go and do
anything you ask of him , any level of rider can ride him!!
"Meet "Master" he's a black and white Overo gelding registered Twhbea. He's
15.2 and absolutely gentle and broke for any to ride! Awesome on the trails!!
Promise there won't be to many out there that are marked up like him. Anyone
can ride him!!
"Kingston" is 11 yrs old, Registered TWHBEA, 15.3, Palomino Gelding
If your looking for the push button he is it!! Him And Tropper came together
they were a husband/wife pair of horses, they park out for you to get on, neck
rein, side pass do it all!! Ride like Cadillacs!! Have been trail ridden all over KY
& Area and will go and do anything! Super nice pair of Horses. BROKE FOR
"Tropper" is 9yrs old Registered TWHBEA, 15 hands,Gold Champagne.
He is a mate to Kingston, same thing side passes, neck reins, parks out, been
there done it awesome on the trails!! Smooth as silk!! Super nice guy and has
the looks to go with him!!
"OREO" is 7 yrs old, Registered TWHBEA, 14.3, Black & White Gelding
He is a s sweet as they come, hes been there done it!! will go and do anything
that you ask of him he parks out, stands to mount, Any level of rider can ride
him , he would be great for kids or small adult, he loves attention. Easy to
catch gets along great with other horse, ready to hit the trails.!!