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UPDATED October 13,2017
"OSCAR" is 9 yrs old, 15.1, NSSHA, Black & white gelding
Oscar has been trail ridden his whole life, doesn't spook. Will ride
front,middle or back, very easy to get along with very smooth gait, ready to
hit the trails!! Stout enough to carry anyone!!
"EARL" is 14.2, 8 yrs old,  registered SSHBEA & NSSHA, Black & White Gelding
If your looking for the easy going guy that will go anywhere & do anything
well here he is! He is very laid back anyone can ride him! Easy to catch gets
along with others will ride, front,middle or back, he has a beautiful long mane
& such a charm to ride!!
"Turpentine" is 7 yrs old Nssha,15.1 Black & white Gelding
He has been trail ridden all over the US ridden on the beaches in Texas, in the mountains
everywhere! Super nice guy anyone can ride, Big pretty guy!!
"Thunder" is 151 1/2 , 3 yrs old, Registered TWHBEA, Buckskin, Gelding
Super sweet guy, that is smooth as silk, he loves people & is a very willing
guy, stands to mount & will do anything you ask! And has the looks to go with

Good Luck to Steve & Sherry from Arkansas!
"Dan" is 14.3,8 yrs old, Registered NSSHA, Bay & white gelding
He is in your pocket kinda guy! He has been trail ridden everywhere, stands to mount,
neck reins and has a awesome gait! Anyone can ride him he has been there done it on the
trails!! And cute as a button!!
"Baywatch' is 5 yrs old, 14.2, Regsistered, NSSHA, Bay & white gelding
Talk about flashy guy! he is handsome & is great on the trails, smooth gait will go and do
anything you ask of him!! Lots of class! &Sense!!
"Touch" 15.2, 7 yrs old,Registered Twhbea, Dapple Grey gelding
Touch is a super sweet guy that is awesome on the trails and smooth as silk!
He stands to mount and will go anywhere you ask of him! Has been trail
ridden all over TN,NC, VA Ready to hit the trail!!
"Big Country" 7 yrs old, 15.2,Black Overo, Registered NSSHA, Gelding
Country is a big overgrown dog! He neck reins, parks out to mount &
dismount smooth as silk and will ride slow or will cover some ground!! He
loves attention and anyone can ride him!! Big handsome guy!!
"Sunny" 12 yrs old, 15 hands, Registered TWHBEA,black & white gelding
Sunny has been trail ridden all over, TN & KY been there done it! Anyone can
ride him,neck reins will do anything you ask of him, very smooth gait! Ready
for the  trails!!
"Ellie Mae" is 5 yr old and is 13.2 hands tall and has been on trail rides all over
the south, she is a sweetheart, she stands to mount smooth gaited and will do
whatever you ask of her, been ridden by kids of all ages, only reason being
sold granddaughter has too many horse can't ride them all, ones like her are
hard to fine she is broke and fancy!! She is broke for anyone!!

Good Luck to Bonnie from Maryland!
"Sundance" 7 yrs old, 15.2, Registered TWHBEA, Palomino Gelding
Sundance is broke for any level of rider he is super sweet and will only do
any rider wants, has been trail ridden everywhere & stout enough to carry
anyone! Nice big thick guy dark golden palomino

Good Luck to Steve & Sherry from Arkansas
"Blu Ja" is 8 yrs old, 15.2, Blue roan gelding
Blu is a big thick guy that will carry anyone! And broke for anyone he is so
laid back and easy going!! Been trail ridden everywhere super sweet guy big
teddy bear!!
Good Luck to Marsha From Georgia!
"Pete"8 yr, old chestnut &white, 15 hands, Reg NSSHA, Gelding
Pete is a big stout guy that is broke for any level of rider, he neck reins, stands
to mount will go anywhere you ask of him, loves attention! Lots of personality!
And has a smooth gait!! Ready for the trails!! He is one handsome guy and
"Cinch" 4yrs old, 14.3, Reg. SSHBEA, Chestnut & white Gelding
We raised Cinch & broke him sold him to one of my customers as a two yr old,
they have trail ridden him all over, hes a very easy going laid back guy that
any level rider can ride, he has lots of looks and class to go with him!!
"BUCK" is 12 yrs old, 15.1, Reg. TWHBEA, Buckskin Gelding
He has been there done it all! Ive known him for several years and he has
been everywhere on trail rides, He is one of the kindness horses you will
ever be around,if you cant ride him you don't need a horse!!