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SASSY- is a 7 yr old, Pinto pony-10.2 hands- She rides
like a charms, kids here ride her almost every day. She is
so sweet, really good natured,will make great 4H pony.
She is no longer for sale, we have given her &baby to
our grandson.
SASSY had her new baby on May 1,2008. Jayeton has named him
MILK DUD!! They are both doing great!!!!
I decided to take Starbuck out for a nice get to know you ride tonight and took 2 of my dogs with me.  Off we went and I
am thinking, WOW this horse is really smooth and about then Starbuck and I were in the lane between the horse run
and the woods when KABOOM!!!!  Something fell out of the trees in the woods and Starbuck got tense and was a
scooting a bit and the dogs started to bark and they ran just inside the woods and we're all looking and low and behold
a big 25-30 pound raccoon had actually fallen out of his tree!  Then all the horses in the run started a running but
Starbuck although all tucked up under himself behaved beautifully.  He is absolutely gorgeous, no dead head and has a
lot of sense.  He is everything I'd hope, everything you said and more.  So here are a couple pictures after Starbuck was
introduced to me and my dogs.  Fortunately, he likes us too!

Thanks Tammy for your honesty on every horse I have gotten from you and I am happy to say I'm referring everyone
who asks me for a horse to you.

Cindy- -Michigan